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TRM pcb2was incorporated in 1994 to supply control and automated systems to all areas of industry. We work as a partner with OEM clients to provide them with a cost effective solution that includes hardware and software. Since we are manufacturers we can provide excellent cost effective products and services.

Our range of applications include bakery ovens and depositors, pipe, tube and bar bending machines, shearline controls, electro-painting applications, chemical mixing, gearwheel tooth induction hardening, paper guillotines, tension control and all manner of automation and motion control applications.

In quantity, systems can be custom designed to suit the individual application therefore giving greater control of costs and delivering a more competitive system that will keep your company ahead of your competitors.In our design office we use the latest CAD systems in the design of all Electronic products and Mechanical systems. Graphics and overlays are also designed for custom specifications using the latest DTP packages.

Our Electronics workshop has recently been completely rebuilt from the ground-up to allow us to operate in near clean room conditions and is laid out so that the work flow is in keeping with Lean Manufacturing practices to ensure we deliver the products you require at the price you need to make your application competitive. We also have Pick and Place machines to aid rapid building, an X-Ray machine and a Convection oven which all help to build ROHS compliant product.

In our Mechanical workshop we prototype and assemble actuator systems for applications such as jacking, X-Y tables, back stops and end stop measuring. Fitted out with a Lathe, Milling machine, saws, drills etc. We can manufacture in-house small quantity items. All assembly work is undertaken by our experienced staff.For a full range of our products and services or a quotation do not hesitate to contact us.

Why Choose TRM?

TRM can supply the full range of parts needed to make-up a 'turn key' solution. Motion Controls, Drives, Motors, Encoders, Power Supply Units, Cabinets, Gearbox/Drive Gear, Switches, Sensors and Cables are all available as a 'Kit' - place one order get a complete delivery for your machine.

As we have excellent quality products at competitive prices we become a very cost-effective solution for both OEM's and end users. Our prices are competitive because we manufacture in-house and design with state of the art Software and Test Equipment combined with an efficiently run business.

We aim to have the best products on the market by selecting the best components, design and endurance to guarantee a worry free, long life product backed with a warranty. We refuse to compromise on the quality of our designs for the sake of economy.

We also have very competitive prices and discounts for volume quantities.



TRM International Ltd.
86 Moss Road
Southport, PR8 4JQ, UK.

Tel: +44 (0) 1704 563777

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